Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ancient Rome Has A Dark Heart - 5 Star Read By Author Elizabeth Ellen Carter.

For those of you who love reading historical novels, you can't go past Elizabeth Ellen Carter's thrilling romantic saga, Dark Heart. I had the privilege of beta reading this book before publication, and I was hooked.
Set in 3rd century Rome, the story revolves around Roman magistrate, Marcus Drusus, who sets out to solve a series of disappearances and subsequent gruesome murders of young boys whose bodies have been discovered outside the city walls. Aided by Kyna, a British captive and trained healer by one of Rome's finest physicians, they place their own lives in danger when their investigation leads them into the highest circles of Roman society.
Brilliantly written, with page turning suspense and the ability to transport you straight into the heart of ancient Rome, this book will leave you wanting more from this author. 
It deserves more than 5 stars.

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A series of ritual murders of young boys recalls memories of Rome's most wicked emperor. Magistrate Marcus Cornelius Drusus has discovered the cult extends to the very heart of Roman society.

Despite his personal wealth and authority, Marcus is a slave to his past - conflicted by his status as an adopted son, bitterly betrayed by his wife and forced to give up his child.

Kyna knows all about betrayal. Sold into slavery by her husband to pay a gambling debt, she found herself in Rome, far from her home in Britannia. Bought by a doctor, she is taught his trade and is about to gain her freedom when her mentor is murdered by the cult.

When the same group makes an attempt on her life, Kyna is forced to give up her freedom and accept Marcus' protection. With no one to trust but each other, mutual attraction ignites into passion.But how far will Marcus go for vengeance when he learns the cult's next victim is his son?

Can the woman who is free in her heart heal the man who is a slave in his?


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